Reading multiple HF tags with TagSYS reader on WAP G2

  • Hi folks,

    I'm using a TagSYS HF USB endcap RFID reader on a WAP G2.

    Psion's demo application from RFID Tools v4.02 only reads one tag at a time - if there are two tags in the field they can cancel each other out so that neither is read. Other HF readers I've worked with (such as the TSL snap-on for the Symbol MC70) can detect multiple tags.

    Does anyone know whether the same can be done with the TagSYS reader? Has anyone come across any other limitations of this reader?


  • Hi Garnet,

    Which tag are you using?

    You can detect multiple tags selecting the paddle option.

    For example in ISO15693, we can see in the demo "ISO 15693 Philips" and "ISO15693 Philips Paddle".

    The difference between both is the anticollision mask. The first one expect only one tag. The second  can be use to do anticollision between many tags.

  • Thanks - I'll give it a try tomorrow

  • It works perfectly now - thanks for the quick response

  • You're welcome.